4 Facts About the Carpet You’re Walking On

4 Facts About the Carpet You're Walking On

Over the decade, carpet has covered millions of American homes. While hardwood floor is becoming increasingly popular, carpet still tops the charts. Why? Because they’re soft, they serve as noise reducers, and they insulate the house. With the many benefits of having a carpet, it is easy to forget about its integrity. While they tend to last for years, carpet cleaning is important! But did you know that there are some common misconceptions about them? Well, A One Carpet Cleaning is here to debunk those myths and describe the actual facts.

4 Facts About the Carpet You're Walking On - myth

Debunking 4 Carpet Cleaning Myths

MYTH: You shouldn’t have carpet when you have asthma.

FACT: Numerous studies have proven that fibers found in the carpet actually immobilize and trap potential allergens which alleviates the cause of allergies. This means allergens found in the carpet are not circulating within the home’s environment. Want more ways to prevent allergens? Consistently vacuuming your carpet with a HEPA-filter unit.

MYTH: It’s difficult to maintain a carpet because it stains quickly.

FACT: Preventative measure will help you expand the life of your carpet. Simply vacuuming on a regular basis will remove particles before they start to accumulate. Carpet cleaning every 12 to 19 months will also prolong the integrity of your floor making it look new for years. The only difficult stain and smells to get out is residual pet urine. This is very serious and should be cleaned accordingly when it happens.

MYTH: It’s outdated and very boring to look at.

FACT: Carpet is comprised of versatile materials making it easy to dye and design. You can find styles from exotic zebra patterns to traditional looks with hues of different patterns and colors. Many homeowners actually mix and match the style of tiles, wood, and carpet to create a stunning presentation.

MYTH: Carpet can emit dangerous chemicals to the body.

FACT: Studies have found that carpet happens to be one of the lowest emitters of volatile organic compounds. This is especially true with many innovations entailed to every production.

So there you have it! Four debunked misconceptions about carpet and the facts behind them. Will you be mix and match the styles in your home?

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