4 Tips To Getting the Perfect Laundry

4 Tips To Getting the Perfect Laundry

Remember when our mom used to do the laundry? The fresh scent of laundry was so inviting; you couldn’t wait to wear your clothes again. Now that we’re adults, we’ve tried to replicate the same effect to no avail. It seems like nothing we’re doing works efficiently to get the perfect batch of laundry. So, A One Carpet Cleaning is here to help!

Getting Your Clothes Ready For The Laundry

Remove everything that doesn’t belong in the washer such as buckles and pins. After that, close snaps, hooks, secure Velcros and zip the zippers. Avoid buttoning the buttons as this can cause unwanted stretching.

Empty all pockets and have them inside out. Unroll cuffs and unfurl socks. For delicate items like fine knitwear or lingerie, place them in a zippered mesh bag.

4 Tips To Getting the Perfect Laundry

Use Fabric Softner

According to a study, more and more millennials are skipping fabric softeners. Still, we think they’re necessary to have especially when you want your clothes to feel comfortable and soft. You can find these in the grocery store, or you can make one yourself.

Utilize Laundry Detergent

Use non-toxic, gentle detergent or soap. Boost the cleaning effects by using Borax at 1/2 cup. Interestingly, this solution has whitening, water-softening, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties.

Do Not Use Bleach

Harsh chemicals like bleach can ruin your clothes. Instead, brighten them up in hot water along with lemon slices. To do this, bring a large pot to a boil with the slices and add the linen. Let it soak for about one and put in the laundry as usual.

Opt For Drying Cleaning

You wouldn’t want to take a chance on taking care of delicate fabric as some will need professional attention. These items are fur, beading or sequin. Additionally, leave suede and leather to the professional oil.

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