5 Natural Products for Home Cleaning

5 Natural Products for Home Cleaning

Switching to homemade do-it-yourself cleaners might sound like a lot of work. But it’s actually simple and safer compared to their chemical counterparts. Natural cleaning products will not only improve your indoor air quality but also provide a cleaner environment for your children.

Today’s modern home is packed with toxic and polluting substances because of the different harsh chemicals we use to clean it every day. These commercial products can cause long-term health concerns for the family. That’s why it makes much more sense to use natural cleaning products instead. Here are 5 natural products meant for home cleaning A One Carpet Cleaning recommends to take advantage of.

Clean Your Home With These Natural Products

1. White vinegar

No doubt, white vinegar is cheap and efficient. There might be bunches of natural cleaners out there, but vinegar definitely tops the chart because of its versatility. You can use it with mirrors, shower head, and curtain, bathroom floors, kitchen taps, windows, furniture and decks, refrigerator, etc. It has acetic acid that kills bacteria and destroys mold and grease.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is not just a product used for baking and raising cakes. It is also a great natural cleaning product! You can pretty much use it for anything like vinegar. It is very effective in removing stains like coffee or blood. It’s also a great way to eliminate odors.

3. Lemon

Although lemon juice is an excellent natural disinfectant, you should still consider using other cleaning products on places that have been in contact with things such as raw meat to prevent you and your family from getting sick. It can also remove stains on plastics effectively and leave a fresh smell.

5 Natural Products for Home Cleaning

4. Cooking oils

For wooden surfaces, use cooking oils to revive old wood that has been exposed to the sun. Just add a bit to a rag or cloth and rub it in then watch it shine! Use vegetable oils only for polishing wooden surfaces and leather shoes.

5. Borax

This natural white mineral is mainly used in glass and ceramic production as an antiseptic. It can also be used for cleaning purposes. It is very efficient in killing bacteria and inhibiting mold.

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