6 Places in Your House That You Always Forget to Clean

6 Places in Your House That You Always Forget to Clean

Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project. Just when you thought cleaning your floors and surfaces was tough, imagine everywhere else you might have forgotten. It’s important not to forget that dirt and dust can build up in some unexpected places and it’s common to miss these spots in the house. Lucky for you, A One Carpet Cleaning is here to share six common places in your house that you might want to attend.

6 Places in Your House That You Always Forget to Clean

1. Curtains

The curtains in your home are the main catchers of dust and can easily become soiled when not paid attention to. Take the time to read the special cleaning instructions for your curtains to thoroughly clean out dirt and pollen. Try starting at the top of your curtains and clean your way down with a vacuum or damp cloth. Don’t forget to clean those shower curtains, too!

2. Under appliances

Under and around your home appliances are another common place people tend to forget to clean. Machines like our washer and dryer, fridge, and even dishwasher can easily build up grime, dust, and even food in and around their exteriors. Put in the effort to pull out these appliances and show some love to extend their wear. This goes hand-in-hand with how to simplify your kitchen spring cleaning.

6 Places in Your House That You Always Forget to Clean

3. Throw pillows

People tend to forget to clean those throw pillows and cushion covers that are constantly building up dust, dead skin cells, and other filthy particles. As most fabrics are machine washable, be sure to read the cleaning directions for those that need a little extra care.

4. Entertainment center

An entertainment center by itself is a huge investment, especially when you’ve spent tons of money on the latest system. A TV including the furniture it sits on can easily build up tons of dirt and dust and when left uncleaned for a while, it can look pretty embarrassing to guests. Be sure to wipe down or lightly dust around and through. Don’t forget about those remotes!

5. Trash Bins

Just because you’ve taken out the trash doesn’t mean unwanted odor and bacteria goes out with it. It’s easy for leftover food or used bathroom products to get left behind in your trash can so take the time to scrub and wash the trash bins you have laying around the house.

6. Light switches, door knobs and handles

One of the most common areas of your home that never gets cleaning attention are those light switches, doorknobs, and handles that gets touched hundreds of times a day. Be sure to disinfect common doors and entryways to prevent germs and bacteria from being spread throughout the home.

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