5 Tricks to Make Old Carpet Look New

5 Tricks To Make Old Carpet Look New

New carpet can make your home look and feel brand new, but sometimes it just isn’t the right time to replace your old carpet. Maybe there are still very young children running around or quite a few pets who like to make their mess. It makes sense to hold out on purchasing new carpets for your home. It will save you some money too. Try these A One Carpet Cleaning tricks to make your old carpet look new.

#1 Use a Rubber Carpet Rake to Pick Up Pet Hairs

Our pets can sometimes leave the biggest mess on our carpet that we may not even see. Dog hair can make your carpet look dull and dusty and it may be hard to vacuum, this is a surprisingly easy fix. There are a ton of rubber carpet rakes on the market, and they are great for picking up pet hair and dirt that are hard to get. The rubber brush attracts the hair and you can

#2 Deep Clean Carpet

Deep clean your carpet! It seems obvious but spending some time, even twice a year, deep cleaning your carpet can make all of the difference. Start by moving all of the furniture out of the room that you want to deep clean. Vacuum the room well and look for any obvious stains on the carpet.

Next, you can spot clean any stains that you find.

#3 Brighten Faded Carpet

Old carpet can lose some of its original colors after so many years of piling up dust and dirt. Brighten your faded carpet with a salt wash! For this trick, you’ll need a few rags, some warm water, and salt. Mix equal parts salt and water into a container and dip the rag in the solution. Make sure the rag is damp, but not too wet, and gently scrub the carpet. This will take some time for larger areas but it will bring out your carpet’s original colors.

#4 Get Rid of Carpet Dents

If you notice any dents in the carpet from furniture that has been sitting there for a long time, you can fuff the carpet to remove the dent. Take a fork or a metal tooth rake and go over the dent until it is fluffy like the rest of your carpet. You can rearrange furniture regularly to avoid serious dents in the future.

#5 Call in The Pros

When all else fails, call in the cavalry! At A-One Carpet Cleaning, we are specially trained and dedicated to restoring your carpet and removing even the hardest stains.

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