Clean House for the Holidays Checklist

Clean House for the Holidays Checklist

The holiday season is fun because of the different gatherings we hold for the family every year. So make sure your home is impressively clean enough to wow your guests!

How to Clean Your House for the Holiday Season

Cleaning your house for Christmas can be a tremendous task especially if you are having your family over to celebrate it together. But with the right planning and enough time, you can surely turn your messy home into a clean, well-organized, and presentable holiday venue for your gatherings. It is recommended that you start as early as now to prepare a clean house for the holidays. Here are the things you should include in your cleaning checklist this year.

1. Circle the House

Circle the house and make a master list of necessary cleaning chores. Double check if the public areas need any sort of cleaning such as the guest rooms, kitchen, and bathrooms. Special holiday tasks also include polishing silverware and ironing table linens.

2. Schedule Cleaning Services Early

Whether you need carpet cleaning, steam cleaning, or any other sort of cleaning services for your home, call early to schedule them ahead of time.

A One Carpet Cleaning - Holiday Checklist

3. Holiday Household Chore List

Assign each family member a routine cleaning chore to do. Post the list on the fridge so they will be reminded of their cleaning responsibilities.

4. Set up a Minimum Maintenance Plan

Once you’ve gone through the master cleaning tasks, you can just do minimal cleaning a few days or weeks prior Christmas.

The Bottom Line

Time spent with family is one thing, a place shared together is another. So make sure that your family and guests feel comfortable in your home sweet home for the holidays!

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