The Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Home

The Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Home

Animals and household indoor pets will have accidents on your floors from time to time. Besides being annoying to clean up and it smells bad, it’s additionally essential that you clean it up immediately in order to avoid some serious effects on your health. There are plenty of home remedies and store formulas on the market, but only a professional cleaning company can completely rid the smells and residues of pet urine. Extended, constant exposure to pet urine and residue can cause health risks. Here are some of the dangers A One Carpet Cleaning wants to ensure you’re aware of if you have pet urine in your home.

4 Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Home

1. Respiratory Problems

Animal urine is a highly concentrated form of ammonia. Ammonia fumes can be bothersome to the nose, throat, and lungs. If you have bad ventilation in your home, when your pet urinates, this can trigger asthma, pneumonia, and even suffocation for those who are highly sensitive or allergic.

2. Irritation of Eyes and Skin

Ammonia can easily cause eye and skin irritation. Constant exposure to ammonia can eventually lead to permanent eye damage, blindness, and even skin burns.

The Dangers of Pet Urine in Your Home

3. Lightheadedness

Ammonia inhalation can cause olfactory adaptation, fatigue, and has been known to cause people to faint. Watch for coughing of phlegm and shortness of breath due to the irritation in the airways of the lungs. This makes it difficult for someone to breathe normally and can cause respiratory infection.

4. Bacteria Growth

Bacteria grows in pet stains, which can be especially dangerous to anyone with a weak immune system, but it can cause bothersome side effects in a healthy person, too. The bacteria and microorganisms found in urine stains are known to cause sinusitis, watery eyes, allergies, and inflammation of the bronchial tubes. People who have weak immune systems can have major health issues due to pet urine bacteria.

In conclusion

No matter how cute your pet is, this does not surpass the danger their feces brings to your family’s health. You’ll want to keep your home clean- not just to look good, but also to feel good both physically and with peace of mind. Over time, animal urine can cause allergies, strong odors, mold growth, and even damage to your home and carpets. The best way to properly rid your home of pet urine is to hire a professional cleaning company to avoid the dangers of pet urine in your home. Your family will thank you, your health won’t suffer, and you won’t have to constantly live with the smell of pets and urine in your home.

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