Dog Hacks to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Dog Hacks to Keep Your Apartment Clean

Dogs are full of joy and mischief. They are life’s greatest joy when they’re cuddling with us, but they can be our biggest headache when they misbehave and pee on the floor. When you’re renting an apartment, you’re faced with day-to-day nuisances including scratches on furniture, litter all over the floor, and general disarray that comes from boredom. In a perfect world, our dog would properly behave 24/7, but since it’s not, we have to work on some hacks to make it work for our apartment.

It sounds impossible to solve, right? Not entirely. We’ve come up with hacks to make your apartment pet-friendly.

Dog Hair Removal Hack

Some of us prefer furry dogs, but when we find ourselves covered in fur, that’s another story. Chances are, your apartment is also covered in them. Lint rollers or vacuums just don’t cut it. Trust us; we’ve tried.

One thing that happened to work for us is gloves. Simply put your rubber gloves on, and slightly damp it with water. The gloves with pick up the hair like magic!

Deterrent for Dogs

Have you ever lost your charger or favorite jewelry just to find out your dog chewed it up? It is a frustrating situation, but there are ways you can prevent this from happening. Dogs will avoid anything with Bitter Apple Spray which is something you can buy at your local pet store.

Doggie Boredom Hacks

When you want a cure for your dog’s boredom, leave them with lots of toys to play with. You might want to purchase a toy that you can stuff treats in so they can play with it for hours.

Hack on Scratching Posts

Scratches on posts are one of the most common complaints renters have about their dogs. They do this because they like to mark their territory and because it brings them pleasure. If you don’t want them to scratch on the post anymore, glue sandpaper on wood. This is a great alternative A One Carpet Cleaning recommends for them to relieve their tension.

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