How to Easily Remove Pet Stains From Your Carpet

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If you have pets, chances are you could have pet stains on the carpet. Because they’re difficult to remove, some experts suggest using enzyme/bacteria digester as a solution. With this process, your carpet will look normal once again.

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Follow the steps below to remove pet stains:

To perform this task, you’ll need an enzyme/bacteria digester, absorbent rags, vinegar, plastic wrap, and water.


  • Blot up any area that has liquid so that the rags may absorb them. Use pressure if needed, and increase by applying more weight. Change the rags often until no more liquid is absorbed.
  • Follow the directions attached to the enzyme/bacteria digester. In most cases, you will need to apply it directly to the carpet. The solution takes a while to work so make sure to adhere to the instructions as some could take longer than other products. When using this product, make sure to use enough to reach the penetrated areas.
  • When it’s applied, put plastic over the solution. Apply pressure to the plastic, so everything is saturated in solution. Leave the plastic so that the digester doesn’t dry.
  • If this area is popular amongst your pets, bacteria may have produced ammonia while the digester was breaking it down. When this happens, use a neutralizer afterward. Only use it after a few hours that the digester has been applied.
  • If you don’t have a neutralizer convenient for you,  you can make one yourself. Use one gallon of warm water along with a cup of vinegar. Rinse the spot using the solution and add another batch of digester again.

Ultimately,  remember that these are DIY,  home remedies and hacks. You will not get the same cleaning as if you schedule a professional carpet cleaning company. 

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