Getting the Dirt Out the Nontoxic Way

Getting the Dirt Out the Nontoxic Way

Cleaning your home shouldn’t just happen during the springtime. Every day, we accumulate dirt, dust, pollen, pet dander, and microbes that pose a threat to our health when they’re not eliminated. Both in our homes, as well as our places of work. This means, getting the dirt out is imperative to our well-being.

Still, keeping the cleanliness of your home isn’t about using the latest solutions filled with unpleasant ingredients. That’s not something we want to welcome into the home! With that said, did you know that about 25 gallons of toxic solutions are used in American homes? Luckily, there are natural ways to remove dirt without using invasive chemicals.

Go for the Basics

Before starting, you want to ensure that you have all the essential supplies available. If you’re out of rags, cut some old towels. If you have microfiber cloths, you can easily reuse this as it is great for catching dust. But if you have to have paper towels, make sure that you’re using ones that are free of chlorine and carcinogens. In addition, your mop and filters should be cleaned with a HEPA filter to hinder chemical-laden materials in the carpet.

Getting the Dirt Out the Nontoxic Way

Goodbye to the Old

Search for solutions in your home that do not meet your safety standards. Discard them in a safe manner without dumping them into the water supply. Secure them in a bag where they can’t leak out as they can get in contact with soil and water. In fact, some cities host a specialized collection for hazardous waste, so make sure you take advantage of this if it is in your area.

A Nontoxic Solution is a Thing Now

Companies don’t have to disclose the ingredients entailed in the products, so it is easier to look for products that do not contain hazardous solutions. You want to look for detergents and soaps that have no chlorine, phosphate, or petroleum. One thing you should look for is biodegradable items.

Also, avoid the ones with fragrance on them because this means they have phthalates added to them. These are hormone-disrupting plasticizers that are never good for your body. That’s why A One Carpet Cleaning recommends sticking with natural fragrances that have essential oils.

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