An Introvert’s Guide to Personalizing Their Home

An Introvert's Guide to Personalizing Their Home

Introversion always seems to have a bad rep in a world filled with extroverts. But unlike the stereotype, introverts are not always shy or stuck up. They don’t always try to avoid social interaction, but sometimes, they withdraw to spend quality time on their own. If you’re an introvert, your home should be your place of sanctuary for you to recharge from life’s pressures. The following are some ways A One Carpet Cleaning recommends how you can make that happen.

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Decorate According to Your Preference

Introverts should always resort to their home as a place to retreat. Replenishing your energy may not come easily if it’s not decorated according to their personality. Instead, choose items and colors that speak to you. You want it to exude serenity, joy, and positive vibes. To heighten the mood, pay attention to the light as it can provide soothing effects. The moment you walk into your home, it should give you a sense of euphoria.

Secure Your Personal Spaces

Your home is the castle you should protect. You don’t want neighbors to easily peek into your fortress, right? If you’re looking for apartments, you may want to select the top floor, so you don’t hear the people above. This could mean abundant staircases, so make sure to understand what you can tolerate.

If you have roommates, make sure your room securely locks. The last thing you want to happen is to feel unsafe in your own space. If possible, create a reading nook, so you have a corner of peace!

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An Introvert's Guide to Personalizing Their Home

Consider Videos, Sound, and Music to Reenergize

Small speakers will help you zone everything out. Try listening to ocean waves, or a soothing yoga tutorial. You can’t go wrong in personalizing your space even if that means piles of books or DVDs.

Try Bathing

Who agrees with us when we say that a bathroom is a place of refuge? Splurge a little on bath goodies, candles, bubble baths, and bath salts. If you happen to share the tub with your roommate, make sure they know that you’re going to spend some time to relax. Also, a super soft towel and bath slippers aren’t bad ideas.

Are you an introvert? If so, how did you decorate your home?

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