Protecting Your Carpet from Holiday Parties

Protecting your carpet from holiday parties

As the year winds down, the holiday season will be in full swing and with it a ton of holiday and end of the year celebrations. At A-One Carpet Cleaning, we love a good holiday party. Holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to bring family, friends, and even coworkers together to exchange gifts, enjoy a delicious meal, and celebrate the end of another banner year. While we love these get-togethers, your carpet may not! Any time there is food and guests involved with your carpet, there’s a risk that your carpet will add another stain to its collection. Luckily, the experts at A One Carpet Cleaning are here to make sure that your holiday party is as stress-free as possible. Don’t worry about the mess, simply follow these easy tips for protecting your carpet from holiday parties!

Clean Your Carpets Before The Party

If you really want to wow your guests this holiday season, you’ll want to do some last-minute cleaning. While you should probably wait for after the party to hire a professional carpet cleaner, you will still want to clean a little yourself. Normally, you should consider vacuuming once a week if not more in order to keep dust and pet dander from building up. Go ahead and give the carpets another pass over with the vacuum before all of your cousins and family get there.

Use Door Mats

If you’re really concerned with dirt, mud, and moisture staining your carpet, you could employ the use of doormats. A well-placed doormat can go a long way in preventing your guests from tracking in dirt from outside.

Ask Guests To Remove Their Shoes

If you’re throwing a holiday office party, this might be a weird request to make of your guests, but if you’re among friends and family, go ahead and let them know that they can remove their shoes at the entrance. This is actually quite common when you visit another person’s home, so it might not be that far out of place.

Asking guests to take their shoes off can be uncomfortable though. Instead, you can throw a themed pajama or shipper party! This basically takes shoes out of the equation and allows all of your guests to be comfortable and festive while keeping your carpets clean!

Use an Area Rug

If you anticipate that an area of your home will be high traffic or designated as a party area, a well-placed area rug will go a long way in keeping your carpets free of spilled cranberries or red wine. Place an area rug by the front entrance or common areas like the dining room or living room.

Call in the Pros

After you’ve thrown a successful holiday party that is full of happiness and cheer, you can worry about the cleanup. Call the professionals at A-One Carpet Cleaning to deep clean your carpets to get out even the toughest stains.

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