Reasons to Get Your Driveway Power Washed

Reasons to Get Your Driveway Power Washed

During our spring cleaning, we make sure our homes are cleaned and organized from top to bottom, however, we neglect one area that we use daily……..our driveway. Our driveways tend to be our last thought when we are cleaning, though we most likely use our driveways more than the guest room we just spent 2 hours cleaning. Power washing your driveway has many benefits and should be taken care of like the rest of your home. Over time your driveway will accumulate dirt, mud, debris and oil, all which can permanently damage your driveway.

What is Power Washing

Power Washing is a cleaning process that is offered by A One Carpet in Las Vegas where high pressured water and cleaning agents remove dirt and grime from your driveway.

What Are the Benefits?

Enhancing your Curb Appeal

Our driveways are usually one of the first highlights which represent our home. If our driveway is embedded with grime, mud, dirt, and oil, this doesn’t properly give our home its optimal appearance. Having a clean spotless driveway can add to your homes property value and contribute to your overall neighborhood.

Bocking Weed Growth

When driveways are forgotten, eventually the dirt located in the cracks of your driveway will start to accumulate weeds. The weeds roots are lodged in the cracks and further expand the cracks and cause more expensive damage in the future. Power washing destroys the roots and blocks further growth of any more weeds.

Elimination of Oil Stains

When our cars leak oil, while parked on the driveway it creates a stain which can set-in into the concrete pores of your driveway. The numerous home remedies to remove oil from your driveway may decrease the stains, however, only a high-pressure power wash will get into the pores of your driveway to remove oil stains altogether.

Saves you from Manual Labor

Getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing the driveway is no walk in the park. The time and effort it takes to make even a slight improvement can take hours out of your day. Hand scrubbing your driveway is still not going to penetrate the deep pores, where oil mud and dirt have impacted. The long-term benefit of scrubbing your driveway can’t compare to the quick and effectiveness of power washing your driveway.

Environmentally Friendly

With eco-friendly chemicals which can be used for power washing, you can ensure that you are being environmentally safe. Eco-friendly chemicals can omit the same amount of dirt, oil, and debris like any other chemical.

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