Tips on Removing Stains from Your Sofa

Tips on Removing Stains from your Sofa

From parties with friends to relaxing with a glass of wine while watching your favorite show, we have all had the inevitable spill that has landed right onto our sofa. Let’s face it, a spill on your sofa, just ruins the look of your sofa, no matter how nice it is. Your eyes (and everyone else’s) can only focus on the horrific stain that has left your sofa looking damaged and less than appealing. One of the things to remember though is that stains, if taken care of properly can be removed, leaving your sofa looking new again. At A One Carpet Cleaning, we have laid out some tips to help you remove unwanted stains from your sofa.

Tips for Removing Stains From Your Sofa

Stay Away From Bleach

When you get a stain on your sofa, from either food or drinks, you may think bleach is the right way to go. Though bleach may be a wonderful cleaning agent when it comes to making our whites whiter and eliminating stains in our clothes. However, bleach on a sofa can ruin the coloring of the fabric and cause another discoloration stain to appear.

For Food Stains Start With Good Old Soap and Water

Using soap and water may seem like a primitive way of cleaning up a stain, however, sometimes the simplest methods work the best in removing stains from your sofa. Soap and water are the best materials used on food stains and can usually be the most effective choice. When attending to the stain in your sofa, use warm water (unless the stain is from a dairy product, then use cold water) and a sponge to dab the stain lightly. For tougher stains, use dishwashing detergent to help remove the stain.

The Red Wine Stain

A red wine spill may feel like the death of your couch, however, it doesn’t have to be if attended to correctly. So before you consider replacing your couch, try using sparkling water and some vinegar on the red wine stain. Grab a bowl and pour 2 cups of water and two tablespoons of vinegar, then use a cloth to dab the area where the stain is. Remember not to rub your cloth into the stain, instead lightly dab the cloth into the stained area. The red wine should transfer onto the cloth removing the stain from the sofa.

Greasy Stains

When grease stains occur on your sofa, they can be a little more time consuming to get rid of. The first thing you want to do is grab some baking soda and water to create a paste. Take the paste and spread it over the stain, you’ll need to let it sit and absorb the grease for about 15-20 minutes. After the time has passed, use a vacuum to suck up the paste. Grab a scrub brush along with some furniture cleaner and give the stain a good scrubbing, in order to break up the grease embedded in the sofa. Then dab the stain with a clean cloth with water or vodka.

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