Seriously Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Year

Seriously Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Year

Begin the year right with the best air quality you can get for your home. Not only a clean, quality indoor air will give you an odorless home environment but also a better overall home experience for you and your family.

Indoor air quality is not a fancy obligation you should be doing for your home. Rather, it plays a key role in your health. That’s why you shouldn’t be overlooking the quality of your air at home. If you want to improve and maintain your indoor air quality this year, here are some of A One Carpet Cleaning’s tips that you should follow.

How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

1. Replace Filters Regularly

Make sure to replace your filters at least every three months, or more frequently if you have a health condition. An air filter is important for trapping dust, germs, and other allergens. And if you can feel your air being lower than usual, make sure to get your air duct cleaned by professionals.

2. Keep a Houseplant

A green plant helps filter your air and act as natural air filters. Not only they look good, but also helps you maintain a better overall air quality!

Seriously Improve Your Indoor Air Quality This Year air quality

3. Have your Carpet Professionally Cleaned

There are more dirt and debris on your carpet that your vacuum can’t reach and only professional carpet cleaners can give you a solution. Make sure your carpet gets that expert cleaning at least once a year.

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4. Put Floor Mats by Exterior Doors

Chances are, if there is a mat by your door, your guests will automatically scrape the debris from their shoes and thus giving you less dirt to deal with. So keep your floor as clean as possible, because there can be health repercussions if not taken seriously.

5. No scent is a good scent

Sure, the different air fresheners and fragrances available in the market smell good and tempting. But these can contribute to more chemical pollution in your home. Opt for an odor-free home instead.

The Bottom Line

Not only your home will smell good, but will also be a safer place for you and your family to stay in. Because without the air pollution at home, you can definitely improve your quality of life and also your health!

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