How Spilled Water Can Also Harm Your Carpet

How Spilled Water Can Also Harm Your Carpet

When your place is carpeted, you take as much caution as possible when it comes to spilling and knocking over any kind of liquid to avoid damaging your carpet, especially if it’s new! While it is very common for our mushy little pets to leave unwanted droppings, children spilling milk and adults staining the carpet with wine, it is often unusual to worry about water spilling into the carpet. Because you might think, what harm can clean water actually do to your carpet?

Thinking spilled water should just magically evaporate, and you can forget it like nothing ever happened is wrong. Spilled water can actually damage your carpet in the long run. A One Carpet Cleaning shares how it can harm your carpet below and the quick fix to it!

But You Spilled Water, Now What?

1. It’s not as damaging as other liquids

Even though spilling water it not as damaging as any other types of drinks such as red wine, orange juice, or milk, you still shouldn’t overlook it. It’s still important to clean up after it. Get up as much of the water that was spilled as quickly as possible.

How Spilled Water Can Also Harm Your Carpet

2. It can lead to mold and mildew

Once water seeps deep through the carpet, it will reach the carpet pile and the foam under the padding. And if it’s not thoroughly dried as quickly as possible, it can lead to mold and mildew. Even though the foam and carpeting may physically look dried out, moisture will get back into the air and rejuvenate mold and mildew.

3. It can create an unpleasant odor

Over time, spilled water into carpet may create a musty smell that could be hard to remove. To resolve it quickly, just use a dry cloth or a series of paper towels and blot the area. Then, run a fan blowing over to help dry out the carpet as quickly as possible. if you cannot seem to get rid of any odors, an expert’s services might be needed. On the upside there are tons gained benefits when hiring a carpet cleaner.

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