How to Spring Clean Your Commercial Office

How to Spring Clean Your Commercial Office

As we enter another season of spring, it’s the perfect time to cleanse our workplace.  Commercial office spaces need special attention, especially if we spend at least 40 hours a week in it! Practicing habitual cleaning and upkeeping instills a healthy workplace for its employees. Not only does it keep the office’s appearance professional and hygienic, but believe it or not, it also provides health-giving benefits! Here are A One Carpet Cleaning’s five ways you can help spring clean the commercial office this time of year.

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Office Space

1. Start with your carpet!

If you don’t know where to start with spring cleaning, start with your commercial carpet! In the wintertime, our carpets go through a lot because excess debris, mud, and snow/ice being dragged in from our shoes or boots. It’s always a great investment to hire professional carpet cleaners to thoroughly deep clean the carpets, especially in high traffic locations of the facilities including area rugs. There’s a lot of benefits to clean carpets in a workplace and is definitely worth every penny to get them cleaned by carpet cleaning experts.

In addition, be sure to clean, sweep, and properly care for other floors that your workplace may have like bathroom floors, tile, hardwood, etc. Don’t neglect those corners and hard to reach places!

2. Furniture/upholstery

Most professional carpet cleaning companies offer commercial upholstery cleaning. Cleaning your office furniture/upholstery removes dust, dirt, and bacteria along with improving the physical appearance. The last thing you want is your employees getting sick! On the plus side, it also prevents future wear and tear which avoids having to spend more money on replacing later down the line.

How to Spring Clean Your Commercial Office

3. Air quality

Air quality in any workplace is essential to every employee’s health. The average worker spends their time 7-9 hours in their office a day, so taking the time to prioritize air quality is important to their health and safety. Be sure to replace any air ducts and thoroughly dust windows and appliances including computers, keyboards, etc.

4. Restock, organize, and throw-away

Collaborate with your team to do the basic restocking and organizing around the office. Depending on your office space replenish any paper, ink, toner, and organize any files, boxes, or storage that might seem to be neglected. But this process doesn’t just stop at the computer desks! Take the time to give attention to the kitchen and bathrooms which can get pretty saturated with grime and bacteria really quick. Throw away any old and expired foods, restock bathroom essentials (toilet paper, paper towels, etc.), and replenish the kitchen with proper plates, cutlery, etc.

5. Recycle when needed

If every workplace recycles their paper and plastic, there would be so much good we can do for the environment. This even includes old furniture or computers. There is so much we can do as individuals to be environmentally conscious at work. For example, bring your own water bottle to fill up instead of using paper cups. A little really does go a long way!

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