Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Getting one’s own or a new place can be the start of great things. After the tougher parts of moving all the boxes, deciding where to put the heirloom piano, and getting the utilities turned on, one is free to decorate and enjoy. Hard floors come with their pros and cons; some people prefer the soft plush feel of brand new carpet.

Perhaps you find it comforting to make neat patterns as you vacuum or to feel the softness of it under your feet on a cold night when you walk to the bathroom. While America has been carpeting its homes since the 1950s with a fairly consistent winning formula, the evolution of ways to keep one’s carpet clean continues. Please consider some of these tips for keeping your carpet clean as well as, maintaining an already clean carpet. When you use these tips consistently, you can prolong the lifespan of your carpet meaning you won’t have to buy new carpet anytime soon.

Carpet Maintenance Tips

Set Some House Rules

While they don’t necessarily have to be hard and fast rules with severe punishment, it definitely helps to request that your family and guests remove their shoes before coming into your home. Today the world offers many lovely furniture pieces for guests to place their shoes in like cubed shelving before joining the party.

Try Peroxide For Some Stains

Sometimes the scissors have a mind of their own during art-and-crafts. After the first-aid is all taken care of after an accident that ended with on the carpet, peroxide on the stains will lift them up.

Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Always Vaccum Your Carpets

Once you’ve made sure the vacuum is on carpet mode rather than hard floors, you’ll be happy with the results of cleaning the carpet at least once a week.

Don’t Forget to Blot

Cleaning experts recommend you blot a stain over rubbing it in and possibly making things worse.

Don’t Forget the Club Soda

Club soda poured on a spill is still a classic remedy for wine and beer stains. If you fell asleep with the candle on and now there is wax on the floor, placing a towel over it and then a heated iron will help with removing it.

These are A One Carpet Cleaning’s tips for keeping your carpet clean that you can implement today to hold off on your next carpet cleaning professional visit. A clean carpet contributes to a more healthy living space and the overall aesthetic of one’s home.

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