Tips to Make your Carpet Last Longer

Tips to Make your Carpet Last Longer

Keeping your carpets clean is a lot more important than you think. The more well-kept your carpet is, the longer it will last you. Why not spend a few extra minutes during your day regularly cleaning your carpet to help it look and feel as fresh as possible? To help protect that expensive carpet you once invested in, check out these top tips from A One Carpet Cleaning to make your carpet last longer.

Frequently Vacuuming

Getting into a routine of frequently vacuuming your carpets might not be as bad as you think. It is best to do this at night after the kids have enjoyed playing, dogs have sufficiently rolled around, and trails of crumbs have been left behind. The vacuuming will remove any dirt or grime that will settle into the carpet fibers.

Not only will you be going to bed satisfied that your carpets have been well-kept, but you will wake up feeling great knowing that you are retaining the look and feel of your carpets, as well as, making your carpet last longer.

Spot Cleaning

It is easy to let the small spots go and say to yourself, “I’ll get to that later.” However, after a while, these spots will set in and stain; sometimes for good.

Using a spot cleaner will safely lift stains and remove the spots for good leaving you with a beautiful, clean carpet that will last. Be sure to use the right spot treatment for your flooring.

A Professional Deep Clean

You’ve heard it before and you will hear it again, invest in having your carpets professionally cleaned to help keep them looking pristine. Those dents and marks you once noticed will be a thing of the past. The fibers that have been pushed down in the fibers will be lifted upwards creating a new look.

Not only will your floor look great after a deep clean, but there are many health benefits associated with having your carpets professionally cleaned. Dust, dirt, and bacteria will be removed that may be causing sinus issues or asthma attacks.

Area Rugs

This one may seem like a silly tip if you have invested time and money in picking out a great carpet for your home. However, if you are working on having your carpets last longer than an area rug might not be a bad idea. Investing in an area rug will help keep your carpets looking newer longer.

Carpet Rake

To rejuvenate the look and feel of your carpet, invest in a rake. Similar to a broom, this tiny tool will collect any hair that is hard to collect with a vacuum. Ideal for pet owners, the carpet rake will dig down deep, remove any hair, and lift the carpet fibers for a clean look.

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