Top Indoor Home Projects This Winter

Top Indoor Home Projects This Winter

Find something to do this winter and keep yourself busy doing some projects for your home! Indeed, Christmas and New Year are just around the corner, and people are starting to come up with their resolutions once again. And although the cold weather may get you tempted to stay on your couch the whole season, it may be actually smart to make winter worthwhile with some activities for your home.

What to do This Winter for Your Home

1. Paint

Give your space a new and refreshing color this season! Pick one or two rooms to give them a new look. Be ready though to move the furniture and give the new paint plenty of dry time.

2. Clean the Pantry and Refrigerator

A new season calls for updated goods in the fridge and the pantry. Wipe and clean them as needed. Throw away all the expired goods and empty containers.

3. Install New Flooring

Visit a local home improvement store and upgrade your kitchen, hallway, mudroom, and bedroom with sustainable flooring. If you do decide to install new flooring, new carpet is also a great option to keep you and your family warm during the colder season. Make sure you check out our guide on carpet buying as well as facts about the carpet you’re walking on.

Top Indoor Home Projects This Winter

4. Insulate Pipes

You can do something to lower your energy bill this season and avoid heat loss! Insulate your hot water pipes by wrapping them in layers of newspaper and securing them with duct tape.

5. Check Toilets for Running Water

One sneaky source of wasted water is a leaking toilet. So make sure to double check it and save water and money!

6. Organize Closets

Winter is the best time to sort through your clothes and take out what you don’t wear anymore. Since the New Year is almost here, don’t you think you should also upgrade your wardrobe already?

The Bottom Line

Winter doesn’t have to be all lazy and futile. You can still be cozy at your home and productive at the same time with A One Carpet Cleaning’s easy home indoor projects!

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