When and What Should You Be Cleaning?

When and What Should You Be Cleaning_

The best habits are the ones that are already done automatically, and this is why we’re big on checklists. When we’ve done something on our to-do list, we proudly mark it off as finished and move on to the next. We never waste time on figuring out which ones we should do first because we follow a strict routine. The following are A One Carpet Cleaning’s important things to consider to help you decide when and what you should be cleaning in your home.

When and What to Clean


When you complete these tasks every day, you’ll be preventing yourself from a major project in the future. With only a few minutes of work, it’s sure to keep the storm at bay.

    1. Manage Clutter
    2. Make the Bed
    3. Sweep the Kitchen Floor
    4. Wipe Up Any Spills
    5. Sort the Mail
    6. Clean as You Cook

When and What Should You Be Cleaning?


To any housekeeping regimen, cleaning your home on a weekly basis is the backbone. To make this fast and simple, delegate the tasks to family members.

  1. Bathroom: wipe mirror, mop floors, empty trash bin, duct light fixtures, clean shower, toilets, and sinks, changing bath mat.
  2. Bedrooms: vacuum floors, fluffy comforters, empty trash bins, dust surfaces, light fixtures, discard catalogs, magazines, change pillowcases.
  3. Dining Room: Vacuum floor and upholstery, dust objects and surfaces.
  4. Kitchen: dust light fixtures, wipe the oven, vacuum floor, flush drain with boiling water, discard beverages and foods past prime.
  5. Living Room: Vacuum floor and upholstery, fluff sofa cushions, dust objects, light fixtures, and electronics, discarded magazines.
  6. Throughout the House: Wipe pet and handprints from the glass door, vacuum vents.


Take a few hours once a month to hunt down hidden dust and clearing your freezer. With this in mind, you’ll save some time from spring cleaning.

  1. Bathroom: Wipe tub surroundings, wipe insides of medicine cabinets, scrub the grout.
  2. Bedrooms: Wash pillow protectors, shams, mattress pads, and duvet covers.
  3. Kitchen: Wash ventilation hood filters, discard food from freezer part prime.
  4. Closets: Vacuum floor, dust storage spaces.
  5. Living Room: Vacuum fireplace screen.
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